The Integrel Solution for Power Generation in Summer

As a marine business, we are we are passionate about creating solutions to protect and preserve our beloved oceans so we can all enjoy them for lifetimes to come.

Our office is surrounded by the sea, and with over a decade of experience in innovative solutions for the marine industry, we are uniquely placed to understand the power of our oceans and the challenges it presents us with. We’re committed to developing new ideas that improve your boat’s performance, and your time on the water.

Summer has finally arrived, and with it comes the lure to get out on the water, chase the horizon and get back to nature.

With Integrel on board, you can full enjoy the season onboard, by generating your own electricity seamlessly. Our advanced generator replacement technology Integrel completely eliminates the need for a separate generator, so you can use your engine for both propulsion and energy generation, without compromising engine performance.

Integrel is your own reliable electrical energy source, so there’s no need to plug in at a pontoon. Your engine does it all for you, leaving you free to explore the big blue at your leisure, with all your home comforts on board.

Enjoy a cold drink on deck with ice from your onboard freezer, charge your devices so you can capture all those summer scenes, and when it gets warmer, you can run your air conditioning in peace, without the noise from a generator. You’ll be comfortable and relaxed with all your electrical devices reliably powered by your Integrel system.

You can easily see when the Integrel batteries start to run a little low. Just switch on the engine and run it at idle for around two hours to fully recharge. It’s as simple as that.

Want to know more? Speak to the Integrel team or visit our Integrel website, and start planning an onboard summer vacation to remember.