New Year, New Generator Technology

A new year has begun, and as you start preparing for the upcoming season in a few months time, it’s the perfect opportunity to update your systems with our advanced generator replacement technology ‘Integrel’.

An exciting development in marine engineering, our product 
Integrel has revolutionised the boating world allowing you to get the most out of your engine, while having your home comforts wherever you are. A true step towards becoming self-sufficient, and bounds towards being more eco-friendly out on the water, Integrel is a highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective alternative to regular generators and alternators.

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Paul and Sheryl Shard from Distant Shores try out Integrel on their new Southerly 480

What is Integrel?

 is a fully automatic power generation, storage, conversion and distribution system, completely replacing your stand alone generator by using spare capacity from your existing inboard engine.

It uses smart new marine engineering technology to generate up to 9kw of electrical power while ensuring your engine is always running at its most fuel efficient, without compromising its performance. With impressive fuel savings of up to 25%, minimal maintenance required and no intervention from you to ensure it runs smoothly, you really have nothing to lose.

How does Integrel work?

Your inboard engine has a significant amount of spare capacity most of the time, which Integrel uses to generate electrical energy which you can immediately access through your boat’s electrical system. It also generates electrical power to charge the banks of batteries, with a system to alert you when they need recharging.

As the spare capacity increases and decreases with engine revs, Integrel adjusts its power generation accordingly. Permanent magnets are embedded into the system coupling of the magnetic flux between the rotor and stator, dramatically improving its efficiency.


How do I control Integrel?


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The highly intelligent system controller for Integrel is a relatively small touch screen device that can be installed quickly and easily to the wall of your engine compartment on your boat. It is programmed with information about the propeller and engine, plus the main elements of the boat’s electrical system. The controller performs load management in real time, to work out exactly how much additional load can be added to bring the engine to its most efficient point at any given engine speed. Propulsion is always prioritised and the electrical power is ramped up slowly to avoid any shock loading on the engine.


Why should I use Integrel?


By using your engine for both propulsion and power generation, both tasks are delivered at optimum efficiency, reducing the amount of fuel needed. Our product Integrel is also completely automatic, working in the background with no direct input needed from you. It requires no maintenance other than a periodic belt change, saving you maintenance costs across its entire lifetime.


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With Integrel, you can have all your home comforts wherever you are. You can plug in your phone charger, pop the kettle on or dry your hair straight away. Want some ice in your drink? Integrel can power your freezer, creating fresh ice whenever you want it. Integrel can handle all of your electrical needs, and generate further electrical energy to keep the battery banks charged.


Key facts on Integrel

Type: High power density, asynchronous
Nominal output voltage: 48v
Maximum output current: 170A (software governed)
Max electrical power at 800rpm (engine revs): 3.5kW
Max electrical power at 1400 rpm (engine revs): 9.0kW (software governed)


Want to find out more? Our Integrel page has more information, and our Integrel website can answer any further questions you may have, and includes video demonstrations and FAQs. 

Ready to switch? Speak to a member of our team today about installing your own Integrel system.