New Marine Hybrid Power Project

We are delighted to have been chosen by the Technology Strategy Board as a partner in the High Efficiency Marine Energy project (HEME). Working alongside Pendennis Shipyard, Energy Solutions and our colleagues in Bruntons Propellers, Triskel Marine is responsible for development of the data management and control systems and all of the practical testing.

This project is an exciting & innovative undertaking to improve the energy efficiency of vessels of up to 50m by the intelligent use of hybrid power and propulsion systems. The HEME project combines new and emerging technologies in electrical generation, management and storage to deliver benefits of more than 20% in propulsion efficiency and at least 25% in house energy efficiency; with these efficiencies come proportionate reductions in emissions and through life costs.

HEME will achieve its aims by integrating the following new technologies and ensuring that they work effectively together.
• High capacity lithium ion battery packs.
• A ‘whole vessel’ energy monitoring, management and reporting system.
• Intelligent, high precision electrical power sensors.
• Highly efficient controllable pitch propellers.

For both commercial and leisure craft, sail or power, the results of the HEME project hold the promise of providing vessels with hybrid power and propulsion systems that significantly reduce running costs and minimise environmental impact.