Making Marine Power More Eco-Friendly

Over the last few years, the emphasis on caring for the environment and the marine landscape has grown exponentially. It’s now more important than ever to protect our shores as well as our oceans to preserve wildlife and enhance our experiences at sea.

Here at Triskel Marine, we are dedicated to developing and producing innovative marine engineering solutions to help improve our energy generation and usage, while lowering the impact on the surrounding environment. Our highly intelligent generator replacement technology Integrel enables you to use your engine for both propulsion and power generation, helping you be more eco-friendly out on the water.

What are the environmental benefits of the Integrel system?

Integrel allows you to run your engine at optimum fuel efficiency, so there is significantly less fuel used, as well as less fuel wasted. Over time this will have a huge ecological effect, helping to reduce our emissions in the environment. It will also help keep the costs down, as Integrel requires far less maintenance than regular alternator due to fewer belt changes needed.

By using the engine to do two jobs, you are also eliminating the need for a separate generator; combining the two operations and streamlining your energy generation with the benefit of substantial fuel savings.

The electrical power of Integrel

The Integrel system has a sophisticated energy generation and storage system, generating up to 9kw of power while enhancing the performance of your engine. It is able to generate this incredible amount of power by carefully managing the load on the engine through the intuitive control system. The battery banks then work as a fuel tank for electrical energy, enabling you to use all your devices on board while ensuring you’re getting the most out of your engine.

Self-sufficient marine technology

Integrel is a revolutionary step towards becoming self-sufficient on the water, and a huge step towards true hybrid marine technology. It is a fully automatic system requiring no input from the user, except when the batteries need a little charge in which case you simply crank the engine. You can use your hairdryer, coffee machine or fridge/freezer all without thinking where your energy is coming from. Integrel enables you to have all your home comforts, wherever you choose to go.


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