Lights, camera, action!

We had the team from Fastnet at our offices in Hayle earlier this month for exciting photoshoots and filming days. We captured shots of our advanced generator replacement technology Integrel, including the entire generator system as well as a breakdown of its components so you can easily see and understand every battery, bolt and cable.

Untitled Design Triskel Video


These images and videos will be used as part of our brand new Integrel Guides. We shot detailed footage of the Integrel parts, wiring, and overall system to help users understand all of the innovative technology behind it and explain how it performs better than a regular generator. We will also use these to demonstrate how to install Integrel in your own boat and provide guidance on the best set-up for your particular needs.

Images of the controller were also captured to explain how to use Integrel in your day-to-day running of the system, and to help you use Integrel in the most effective way. Integrel produces an exceptional amount of power, while also generating electricity for use on board. These images will help you to understand the system fully, and start using it straight away as well as troubleshoot should you need to.

Keep your eyes peeled for our Integrel Guides coming soon!


Untitled Design Triskel Video 2


To find out more about Integrel and how it has revolutionised the marine engineering industry, visit the Integrel page.

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