Triskel Marine have an extensive history working alongside a number of leading companies to provide a broad range of solutions and services across both marine and land-based systems.

We have created robust, high precision products to meet specific, individual requirements, using our technical capabilities and experience. Take a look back over some recent projects and products to find out more about our company history.


Advanced Generator Replacement Technology

Integrel – The Future of Power Generation Afloat

Integrel is the future of power generation afloat, completely replacing your stand alone generator by using “spare” capacity from your existing inboard engine. Integrel uses smart new technology to generate up to 9kW of electrical power without compromising your engine’s performance. In fact, the system actively manages its output so that the engine is always running at its most fuel efficient. By using your engine for both propulsion and power generation, both tasks are delivered at optimum efficiency, resulting in fuel savings of up to 25%. One engine, two jobs, less fuel.
Port Management & Monitoring

Falmouth Harbour Ongoing Support

Falmouth is the third largest natural harbour in the world and is an extremely busy port providing facilities for large commercial vessels, recreational craft and superyachts. We have installed a wide range of monitoring instrumentation around the harbour, all of which reports back to a dedicated website. The Falmouth installation has been running for over 5 years and is a key tool for the harbour’s management team.

Hybrid Power Feasibility Analysis & Management

Pendennis Hybrid Feasibility Model

Pendennis Shipyard is one of the most impressive and reputable superyacht build and refit companies in the world. We worked with them to create a hybrid feasibility model which would make use of Pendennis’ knowledge and informative superyacht operational data. The output from the system assists marine industry professionals in making an informed decision on both the overall cost/benefit case for a hybrid system and subsequently the optimum specifications for the hybrid system should it be installed.

Improving Efficiency of Hybrid Power & Propulsion Systems

Innovate UK HEME Research & Development Project

The High Efficiency Marine Energy (HEME) project was an exciting & innovative undertaking to improve the energy efficiency of vessels of up to 50m by the intelligent use of hybrid power and propulsion systems. Triskel Marine Ltd used its extensive experience in marine data management to produce a sophisticated marine hybrid control system.
High Precision AC and DC Sensors

Monitor DC & AC Power Flows

Triskel’s precision power sensors are designed to monitor both DC and AC power flows around a vessel or house, providing a clear picture of total energy supply and consumption. Each sensor measures current, voltage and temperature and reports this together with total power and amp hours. A simple graphical picture of the flows can be created allowing the user (or the control system) to make informed decisions about power use and cost.

Marine Hybrid Control System

HYMAR Research and Development Project

Working as a partner in the EU funded HYMAR research and development project, Triskel Marine Ltd used its extensive experience in marine data management to produce a sophisticated marine hybrid control system. Key elements of the TML solution were precision voltage, current and temperature sensing, automated battery state of charge calculations, monitoring of engine and navigational data and a fully interactive user interface. Data was displayed on board and could also be viewed on a range of mobile devices using the built in wifi link. For remote system monitoring, data was sent directly to a web site in real time using wifi, mobile phone or satellite communications.

Data Logging

Advanced Data Logging System

Triskel provides an advanced data logging system to record data from all monitoring systems and store on an SD card for later retrieval. This can be used as the main system for recording the data, or often as a secondary / more detailed back-up of data that might also be sent over a data telemetry system such as GPRS/3G, VHF or Satellite.