Water Quality and Dredge Monitoring

Monitoring of water quality both in coastal and inshore waters is of great importance to protect the environment, wildlife and people. For many water based operations (such as dredging) it is also often a mandatory requirement of the relevant environment agency.

Triskel provides an easy to deploy, real time water quality monitoring solution that can either be hired as a service, or purchased outright for lengthy monitoring requirements.

Our systems typically monitor water turbidity, but can also monitor a broad range of other parameters if desired such as dissolved oxygen levels and pH. To collect the data we deploy solar powered data buoys configured carefully for the specific working environment (e.g. water depth and current speed) and these transmit the data in real time to a secure website for monitoring. In addition to this we will configure alerts at required threshold levels such that an email or SMS message will be sent to the appropriate party should a threshold be exceeded.

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