Vessel Monitors

Triskel’s remote vessel monitoring system provides a low power, autonomous method of remotely monitoring all of the key activity on your vessel.

This flexible system can be used as a simple standalone tracker or it can be connected to the main systems to provide remote and comprehensive oversight of the vessel and its operating environment. Data is transmitted using the marina wi-fi, mobile phone system, short range VHF or satellite and transmissions can be as frequent as every 5 minutes or as little as once a day. Triskel’s monitoring system can also be configured to report on an exception basis, only sending an alert when a pre-configured limit has been breached. Strong winds for example, collision, electrical or mechanical breakdown or positional errors can all be reported.

Underlying the user interface is the basic system data which can also be accessed remotely. This provides a powerful diagnostic tool for professionals, allowing the right spares and support to be arranged before the boat reaches port.

Autonomous vessel monitor installed on a surveying ship

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