Ports and Harbours Monitoring


Monitoring the inshore marine environment accurately and in real time is of critical importance to the safe management of ports and harbours. Triskel Marine’s Integrated Port Monitoring System (IPMS) is designed specifically for this task. The IPMS monitors key parameters at multiple sites and wirelessly reports all of the information back to one web based screen for the benefit of port operators.

Wide variety of instrumentation options

The instrumentation installed will be specific to an individual port or harbour’s needs, there are a wide array of options available but typically the core data provided to aid management includes the following:

  • Wind data: Average wind speed, max gust speed, wind direction
  • Air data: Temperature, air pressure, humidity
  • Water data: Depth, current speed, current direction

Monitoring stations for each of these data feeds can be placed on multiple sites in a given port or harbour, such as on navigational marks, quays, pontoons and relocatable buoys. These can be deployed simultaneously and each is individually addressable from a dedicated website.

Real time date delivery and analysis

Data from around the port will be sent directly to the internet for display and analysis on a public or private website as required. 3G, WIFI, Satellite and VHF communications are all supported, so we are able to tailor this to support the specific location of the port or harbour. The regularity of data transmission can be configured from every 10 seconds to every 24 hours, and all you need to access the data is your office computer.

Automatic alerts

Alerts are easily configured through the web interface and if triggered notifications are sent automatically to named users by email or text message. Alerts can be set up on a variety of parameters, common examples are wind speed exceeding a threshold, an assets position moves outside of a defined area and a low battery level warning for the instrumentation.

Additional monitoring options

Within the same website reporting facility additional specialised data feeds can also be added as follows:

  • Port vessels location and operational information
  • Location of assets (e.g. navigational aids)
  • Wave height and period
  • Water quality

Case study - Falmouth Harbour

For an example of one of our installations of our integrated port management system please see the Falmouth Harbour Case Study.

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Weather station and large data buoy
Tide gauge installation
Weather station data shown on website
Harbour pilot boat - positional and operational data can be monitored