Marine Energy Management

Marine energy requirements and complexity is increasing all the time across conventional, electric and hybrid vessels, and with this comes the necessity of being able to monitor and manage this energy accurately and reliably.

The amount of electrical power available on board and how it is being used are issues of concern for every mariner. Triskel’s precision power management system has been designed specifically to provide the answers. At the heart of the system are robust power sensors which monitor the energy flows around the whole vessel and battery monitors overseeing the state of charge of all batteries. Multiple sensors are linked together and the data displayed on an LCD screen to provide a clear and concise picture of the state of the batteries and how energy is being produced and consumed throughout the vessel.

By placing these sensors at key points in the vessel, the battery levels and power flow data can be combined to create an illustrative diagram. This is perfect to provide a quick overview of the current power production and usage in the vessel, and can be displayed either on a large TML LCD screen or published to a web page.

Diagnostic LCD screen

To create a complete power monitoring system and user interface, TML supplies an LCD touch screen which can be added anywhere on the CAN bus. This displays key parameters for all of the connected devices, including all of the batteries, power sources and consumers.

Data available

Our sensors monitor the following information:

  • Current & voltage on multiple batteries
  • Temperature
  • Total power flow
  • Total amp hours
  • Battery state of charge
  • Instantaneous battery capacity

Simple installation

The sensors are non invasive, the power conductor passing through the sensor, and are fully isolated from the circuit being measured. This makes them ideal for measuring noisy electrical circuits subject to high current spikes such as propulsion systems with large inductive loads.

Please see Precision Power Sensors and Battery Monitors for detailed information and technical specifications on our specialised power measurement devices.

Case studies

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