Hybrid Power Feasibility

Over the past 10 years Triskel has been at the cutting edge marine hybrid technology development and has worked with many industry leaders during this time (please see the HYMAR and HEME case studies for some specific examples).

Triskel Marine provides expertise both in analysing vessels pre conversion to hybrid and in implementing robust systems to manage the power flows and energy storage around the vessel when the hybrid system is in operation. For details of our hybrid power management systems please see Marine Energy Management, for information on our hybrid pre-conversion analysis please read on.

When considering a conversion to a hybrid system (in either the current vessel or its replacement) Triskel can help by ascertaining the feasibility of a hybrid conversion and also whether the benefits will justify the cost involved.

This is achieved by the following means:

  • Precise real time monitoring and recording of the vessel’s duty cycle including (for example) fuel consumption, electricity generation and consumption and peak power loads.
  • Use of hybrid modelling software to analyse vessel operating characteristics and ascertain the relative benefit of different hybrid solutions against whole life operating costs.

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