Pendennis Hybrid Feasibility Model

Pendennis Shipyard is one of the most impressive and reputable superyacht build and refit companies in the world and was the lead partner in the High Efficiency Marine Energy (HEME) project which completed in 2015.

A key component of this project was developing a hybrid feasibility model which would make use of Pendennis’ knowledge and informative superyacht operational data. Triskel Marine’s technical capability and experience of hybrid system analysis meant we were well placed to assist with this so at the request of Pendennis we developed a powerful and easy to use model with Pendennis’ data and HEME results as its backbone.

This model enables the user to simply enter key parameters about the vessel and its components and then will dynamically calculate and display useful analysis of the properties of a hybrid system were it to be installed such as:

  • System implementation cost
  • Cost per unit of electricity comparison
  • Power provision and consumption over typical day for engine, generator and battery
  • Annual running costs

This output from the system assists marine industry professionals in making an informed decision on both the overall cost/benefit case for a hybrid system and subsequently the optimum specifications for the hybrid system should it be installed.

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