HYMAR (Hybrid Marine)

Working as a partner in the EU funded HYMAR research and development project, Triskel Marine Ltd used its extensive experience in marine data management to produce a sophisticated marine hybrid control system.

Reliable and comprehensive data management is right at the heart of any hybrid; and TML’s technology delivered leading edge monitoring and control for the whole hybrid system. Key elements of the TML solution were precision voltage, current and temperature sensing, automated battery state of charge calculations, monitoring of engine and navigational data and a fully interactive user interface. Data was displayed on board and could also be viewed on a range of mobile devices using the built in wifi link. For remote system monitoring, data was sent directly to a web site in real time using wifi, mobile phone or satellite communications.

In addition, to demonstrate the remote monitoring capabilities developed, we invite you to look at our remote monitoring web site which we used to display live data from the HYMAR test boat. As the boat is currently just sitting on her mooring, live data doesn’t make for very interesting viewing so we have cheated a bit and are replaying a previous log file. What you see on the web site is exactly what you would see if you were sitting at the chart table or looking at your iPad on board.

If you haven’t seen it before, we also recommend having a look at the video. You will recognise the screens from the remote monitoring site.