Battery Monitors

For land or marine based systems, Triskel’s battery monitors provide a clear picture of real time energy flow into or out of batteries.

Each monitor measures current, voltage and temperature and reports this together with total power, amp hours, battery state of charge and instantaneous battery capacity. The sensors are non-invasive; the power conductor from the battery passes through the monitor, and are fully isolated from the battery’s circuit.

Data from the monitor is reported over the CAN bus making the monitor fully compatible with all other Triskel data management components. A simple graphical picture of the battery’s state of charge and current energy flows can be created allowing the user (or the control system) to make informed decisions about power use and cost.

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Technical specifications

Supply voltage:
12v +/- 10%
Supply current:
Voltage sense range:
+/- 98V DC
Voltage sense precision:
+/- 10 mV
Voltage sense ADC:
16 bit
Current sense range:
0 - 300A
Current sense precision:
+/- 10mA
Current sense ADC:
18 bit
Temperature range:
-70 to +145oC
Temperature precision:
+/- 0.5oC
Isolation break down voltage:
2500v @ 1 minute
CAN speed:
250 kbits/s
Max number of modules:
Programming port:
Standard Microchip ICSP
16 x Spring Cage Connectors:
  • 4 External isolated voltage taps
  • 4 External temperature sensors
2 x RJ45 Connectors:
  • Daisy chain capability
  • Communication with CAN bus
  • Includes 12V Power Supply
  • Alternative low current standby power supply when the main bus is switched off