Battery Monitoring

Both in land and marine based systems, the use of batteries for a greater proportion of power storage and supply continues to become more prevalent and of critical importance for effective and safe operation.

To support this Triskel have developed advanced systems for accurately measuring the state of charge of batteries and carefully managing their charging for optimum performance.

Our battery monitors measure and record the power flowing in and out of each individual battery and are used to monitor, manage and display the state of charge of either a single battery or an entire battery bank.

A custom algorithm embedded within the monitors provides an accurate calculation, in real-time, of the batteries’ state of charge and remaining capacity. The number of duty cycles, total power throughput and life remaining can also be reported.

If the battery monitors are integrated with TML’s central power management system (the Hybrid Power Control and Telemetry (HPCT) module) data from each individual battery can be used to manage precisely the charging of the battery banks. For further information on this please get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.

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