About Us

Founded in 2003, Triskel Marine provides an extensive range of technologies for electrical power sensing and data management. We deliver significant energy savings by precisely managing multiple energy sources and consumers.

With offices in Kent and Cornwall, Triskel is perfectly placed to understand and work within the harsh marine environment. We work closely with our clients to develop tailored solutions to their energy and data management needs.

Underlying all of our technologies is a profound knowledge of the sea and of advanced data management and communications. Using robust systems that can operate in difficult environments we collect data from multiple sources, bring it all to one place and then process it to provide control and information for our customers.

Over the past 10 years we have used our knowledge to develop a range of hardware and software solutions for the toughest of environments. As an example, we provide the processing and power management for marine environmental monitoring buoys, where systems can be deployed at sea for months at a time with no possibility of external support. Our most recent advances have been in precision energy management for marine hybrid power and propulsion systems. Our whole vessel approach and accurate power sensing and load management have demonstrated fuel and energy savings of up to 25%.

Delivering information to the end user is the final piece of the puzzle. Whether it is locally or by wi-fi, VHF, mobile phone or satellite, we have the technology to deliver our client’s information to them wherever and whenever they need it.